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Frequently asked questions

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What is the bag policy?

Where is parking located?

Is alcohol served at the venue?

what caterers are preferred?

what forms of payment are accepted?

Are signs allowed for concerts?

The Forum River Center has a clear bag policy for designated events. Attendees are allowed to bring a single clear bag, a small bag no larger than five inches by seven inches, or a clear one gallon plastic storage bag. 

Prohibited bags include purses, backpacks, patterned plastic bags, solid color string cinch bags, large tote bags, mesh or straw bags, reusable grocery totes, camera or binoculars bag, large fanny packs, or duffle bags.

Parking for the Forum River Center is the 3rd Avenue Parking Deck located at 131 W 1st St, Rome, GA 30161. The first hour of parking is free, and additional hours are $1 per hour up to $8. Additional street parking is located in Downtown Rome, but there is a 3-hour per day time limit for on-street parking.

Alcohol is available for purchase with cash or card at the Forum River Center for designated events. No outside food or drink is allowed.

The Forum prefers the caterers listed below to make your event's catering needs a success.

In House Catering Available

Nan Selman

Other Preferred Catering

Season Events

Cash or card is accepted at Forum concessions. However, tickets for ticketed events will need to be paid with card on the Forum's Events page.

Signs for concert events are allowed, but be respectful for use of signs.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee tickets that are purchased from a third-party website. The Forum River Center is only responsible for tickets sold through this website. If you have any questions regarding your ticket, please visit our Contact page to call a staff member.

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